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INGAA Comments Regarding the Proposed Rule

Letter to EPA Assistant Administrator for Air Gina McCarthy Regarding Oil & Gas NSPS

     EPA’s recently proposed oil and… Read More

Call For Proposals – INGAA Foundation Study “Coordinated Energy Power Systems “

    The analysis will result in a written report and detailed PowerPoint presentation. Repsonses to the RFP must be submitted by August 30, 2011.   The INGAA Foundation Inc. is seeking a proposal from qualified contractors with proven expertise in the… Read More

INGAA Comments to EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers� Draft Guidance on Identifying Waters Protected by the Clean Water Act (�Draft Guidance�)

Due to the linear nature of interstate natural gas pipelines, INGAA’s members have extensive… Read More

Call For Proposals – INGAA Foundation Study “Compliance With Air Regulations”

The INGAA Foundation Inc. is seeking a proposal from qualified Contractors to perform an analysis of the issues related challenges of resource availability… Read More

Development of a Permit Program for Incidental Take of Migratory Birds

  The Migratory Bird Treaty Act (“MBTA” or “Act”) is a federal law administered by the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (“FWS” or “Service”) that protects migratory birds. The Act carries out the United States’ commitment to four international conventions with Canada, Japan, Mexico, and Russia, respectively, which protect birds… Read More

INGAA and Other Gas Industry Groups Request Meeting on the Role of Natural Gas in Climate and Energy Policy

On January 21, 2010, INGAA, IPAA, and NGSA sent a letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson concerning the… Read More

Carbon Sequestration and Storage: Developing a Transportation Infrastructure

This study focuses on the pipeline infrastructure requirements for carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) in… Read More

Environmental Groups Threaten To Sue EPA for Failing to Update Air Rules

On July 2, 2008 a coalition of environmental groups sent a letter to the U.S. EPA (“agency”) indicating their intent to sue within 60 days over the agency’s failure to review and… Read More

Natural Gas Council Analysis of the Lieberman-Warner Climate Regulation Bill (S. 3036)

(Washington, DC) A new study by the Natural Gas Council concludes that legislation… Read More

Waste Heat Recovery Opportunities for Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines

This white paper, Waste Heat Opportunities for Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines, prepared for INGAA… Read More

Greenhouse Gas Initiatives Analysis Using the National Energy Modeling System

The Natural Gas Council (NGC), representing every segment of the U.S. Read More

CA Registry Releases Final Draft Options Paper

The California registry has released the final draft report of the… Read More

CA GHG Cap and Trade Program Recommendations For Natural Gas

The Secretary for Environmental Protection in California created the Market Advisory Committee, a committee of national and international experts, to develop recommendations for designing a market-based program for reducing California’s GHG emissions.  In early, June the committee released a… Read More

INGAA Responds to Dingell/Boucher Climate Letter

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  WASHINGTON  – Responding to a request from leaders of the U.S. House… Read More

Climate Change and 110th Congress

Climate change is rapidly becoming the key domestic policy issue for the new Congress.  A flurry of legislative proposals has already been introduced, and Speaker Pelosi has stated that climate change will be the focus for her leadership over the next six months now that the “100 Hours” agenda… Read More

Senate Finance Committee to Begin Reviewing Energy Tax Policy

The Senate Finance Committee will begin reviewing… Read More

INGAA Attend Kick-off Meeting on CCAR and WRI Protocol Initiative

On February 22, INGAA attended a working group kick-off meeting of the California Climate Action Registry (CCAR) and World Resources Institute (WRI) protocol initiative.  The purpose of this project is to produce a guidance document and protocol for accounting emissions from… Read More

New Energy Legislation

Senate… Read More

Congressional Hearings Underway on Science Surrounding Climate Change

Climate change is the issue-of-the-day for Congress, as numerous hearings get underway on the science surrounding climate change, and legislative solutions for addressing the problem.  House Speaker Pelosi has put her Committee Chairmen on notice that a climate change bill is expected for House… Read More