INGAA Members Announce Vision for a Clean Energy Future


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Natural gas trade association members release updated climate commitments,
enhancing industry’s environmental leadership

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) announced today a set of climate change commitments that outline in detail its mission to help address climate change, including working together as an industry towards reaching  net-zero greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from natural gas transmission and storage by 2050. 

“Our nation’s natural gas transmission infrastructure is central to providing clean, affordable and reliable energy to all Americans,” said David Slater, Chairman of the INGAA Board. “Building on the progress the industry has already made, INGAA is committed to supporting its members in their efforts to further reduce GHG emissions and work together to address the issue of climate change.”

INGAA’s climate commitments include member companies reducing individual GHG emissions from natural gas transmission and storage operations; providing consistent and transparent data collection, measurement, and reporting of GHG emissions from operations; and reducing the carbon intensity of natural gas infrastructure by adopting and investing in more innovative technologies.

“As America’s energy leaders, we recognize and embrace the central role our industry plays in providing cleaner and more affordable energy,” said Amy Andryszak, President and CEO of INGAA. “For years, INGAA and its member companies have worked together to reduce methane emissions from our nation’s natural gas transmission and storage network, and this critical infrastructure has enabled the United States to reduce CO2 emissions over the last 15 years by transitioning to cleaner-burning natural gas. The commitment we’re announcing today continues our industry’s leadership in addressing climate change and furthers our shared goal of working towards net zero emissions by 2050.”

INGAA members also commit to active and constructive engagement with government officials, investors, and other public and private stakeholders to develop energy policies that utilize our national gas transmission infrastructure, benefit our environment, and reduce GHG emissions. The new commitments announced today build upon commitments that INGAA announced in 2018 to minimize methane emissions from natural gas transmission and storage operations.

To read INGAA’s full climate change statement, click here.