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CS-S-8 Overhead Utilities Safety Guidelines

CS-S-8_Overhead Utilities_Rev1.1.pdfDownload… Read More

Developing Safety Culture Through Industry-wide Employee Safety Surveys

During the first quarter of 2018, The INGAA Foundation commissioned a report by Process Performance Improvement Consulting (P-PIC) and the Center for Applied Psychological Research (CAPR) through the University of Houston to provide a detailed account of how INGAA member companies developed and executed the INGAA safety culture survey. The… Read More

North America Midstream Infrastructure through 2035: Significant Development Continues

Midstream infrastructure development has occurred at a rapid pace over the past several years, causing many to question if the trend can continue. In response to those questions, the INGAA Foundation retained ICF to undertake a study to… Read More

U.S., Canada to require $800 billion in natural gas, oil and NGL infrastructure investment

Washington, June 18, 2018 — The United States and Canada will require annual average… Read More

CSQ-G-1 Safety Quality Guideline Process

CSQ-G-1 Safety Quality Guideline Process_Rev0.pdfDownload… Read More

CS-H-03 NORM Safety Guideline

CS-H-03 NORM Safety Guideline_rev1.pdfDownload… Read More

CS-S-15 Pipe Loading Unloading During Construction

CS-S-15 Pipe Loading Unloading During Construction_rev1.pdfDownload… Read More

CS-G-4 Site Specific Safety Plans

CS-G-4_site specific safety plans_rev1.pdfDownload… Read More

CQ-G-1 Quality Metrics

CQ-G-1 Quality Metrics.pdfDownload… Read More

INGAA Foundation elects Blacksmith Group’s Mark Hereth chairman

The INGAA Foundation’s board of directors elected Mark Hereth, managing director of The Blacksmith Group/Process Performance Improvement Consultants (P-PIC), as its new chairman for a one-year term beginning November 4. “Hereth is well-versed in the… Read More

PHMSA Guidelines

PHMSA Guidelines INGAA Foundation.pdfDownload… Read More

Guidelines for Contractors to Prepare for Onsite Protests

Guidelines for Contractors to Prepare for Onsite Protests 6-16-17 initia….pdfDownload… Read More

CS-G-2 Job Safety Analysis

CS-G-2 JSA initial publication 6-16-17.pdfDownload… Read More

How The Regulatory Process Protects Those Living Near Natural Gas Transmission Compressor Stations

To download INGAA's One-Pager, "The Facts about Living Near a Natural Gas… Read More

Rupture Monitoring on Natural Gas Pipelines Using SCADA Rate of Change Combination

Rate of Change alarms are used in modern SCADA systems to notify a… Read More

Traffic Control

CS-S-11-Traffic_Control_Plans_Rev1.pdfDownload… Read More

CS-S-13 Vehicle Safety

CS-S-13 Vehicle Safety_rev1.pdfDownload… Read More

A Practical Guide for Pipeline Construction Inspectors

This guide provides the details related to the role of the Owner Company’s… Read More

Mitigation of Land Movement in Steep and Rugged Terrain for Pipeline Projects

Land movement, particularly in variable, steep, and rugged terrain, can pose a threat to the integrity of a pipeline if those threats are not mitigated. Read More