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Nuclear Power Plants and Implications of Early Shutdown for Future Natural Gas Demand

The nuclear power industry, along with the rest of the North American… Read More

Natural Gas Pipeline Safety 1994 to 1997: The Change to a New Safety Paradigm

The safe and reliable transportation of America’s… Read More

El Panorama Futuro Para El Gas Natural Importado – En Espanol

Este reporte examina el panorama fbturo de las importaciones de… Read More

Review of Natural Gas Pipeline Activity in Selected Regions of the World

The outlook for natural gas… Read More

GISB’s Five Year Strategic Plan

Ernst & Young is pleased to submit this strategic planning assignment final report to the… Read More

Future Competitiveness of Existing Coal Plants: Implications of Increased Air Emissions Controls

Despite the significant air emissions requirements already in place, coalfired… Read More

User Fees and Transaction Costs Involving Native American Lands

Representatives from the natural gas… Read More

Need for Natural Gas Increases with More Nuclear Plants Shut Down

There is now a broad consensus that there will be many nuclear… Read More

The Benefits of Retail Electricity Competition in Low-Cost States

It has become axiomatic that allowing consumers to choose their electric-… Read More

Natural Gas Pipeline Company-Contractor Alliances

As the Natural Gas Industry has become more competitive, methods to save on… Read More

North American Pipeline Safety Summit

Ronald L. Adams, Senior Vice President, Consolidated Natural Gas Company provided a program… Read More

River and Stream Crossings Study (Phase I)

There is a growing concern within the natural gas… Read More

Temporary Right-of-Way Width Requirements for Pipeline Construction

The INGAA Foundation commissioned Gulf Interstate Engineering (GIE), a professional engineering firm, to undertake a study and make an objective determination of appropriate widths for safe, maneuverable… Read More

Competitive Strategies for Natural Gas in the Converging Energy Market

Convergence is the implementation of technology gains and other innovations across an… Read More

Reducing Electric Transmission Constraints with Gas-Fired Power Generation

The electric power industry is preparing for a rise in… Read More

Factors That Influence the Selection of Electric Motor Drives For Natural Gas Compressors

This report provides a summary and analysis of the strategic, engineering, and economic factors that currently influence the selection of eletric motor drives (EMD) for… Read More

Coordinating Federal Agency Review During the Environmental Approval Process

Building a natural gas… Read More

Implications of Reducted Gas Use on Emissions From Power Generation

In January 1999, the INGAA Foundation’s study, Pipeline and Storage Infrastructure Requirements for a 30 Tcf U.S. Read More

Improving Implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA)

The Natural Gas Act authorizes the construction and operation of interstate… Read More

Urban Distributed Generation Profile

Distributed generation has captured the interest of federal and state policymakers, excited potential developers and users and is becoming a… Read More