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Integrity Characteristics of Vintage Pipelines

This report has evaluated vintage pipelines in reference to the historical evolution of the natural-… Read More

Suggestions on How to Improve the Endangered Species Act

Since the Endangered Species Act (“ESA”) was enacted, federal agencies and courts have struggled to balance species… Read More

Review and Analysis of the FERC Pre-filing and Traditional Filing Processes for Natural Gas Act Section 7 Applications

In order to obtain approval for construction of an interstate natural gas… Read More

Comparison of Integrity Management Assessment Techniques for Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines

This report was prepared in order to provide a high level view of the integrity assessment process for pipelines operating under an integrity management program. Specifically, this report looks at the tools and processes used during the integrity assessment or inspection and the results of these efforts. The… Read More

Pipeline PCB Contamination and Remediation Project

In the past, the natural gas… Read More

Indexing Interstate Gas Transportation Rates

The INGAA Foundation retained Christensen Associates in May 1990 to study the indexing of interstate… Read More

Options for Addressing EPA’s Best Available Control Technology Top-Down Policy

This report presents a study of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) "top-down" policy for determining "best available control technology" (BACT) under the Clean Air Act’s Prevention of Significant Deterioration (PSD) program. Read More

Gas Compressor Industry Noise Regulation and Control Review Handbook

In July 1991, Ecology and Environment, Inc. (E & E), was contracted by The Interstate… Read More

Wetland Mitigation Banking For the Oil and Gas Industry

Mitigating the environmental impacts on wetland ecosystems of oil and… Read More

Gulf of Mexico Natural Gas Resources and Pipeline Infrastructure

Introduction The Gulf of Mexico… Read More

Gas/Electric Operational Coodination

Gaslelectric operational coordination is required in order for each industry sector to optimize the value provided in competitive… Read More

Natural Gas Council’s Electric Generation Task Force: Final Report

The Natural Gas Council (Council) launched the Electric… Read More

Clean Air Act Regulatory Issues Impacting the Natural Gas Transmission Industry

The status of key issues related to operating permits, compliance assurance monitoring, ozone nonattainment controls for nitrogen oxides, and other air regulatory areas that were addressed in the 1995 INGAA Foundation Research Project are summarized below, including possible industry responses to the issues identified. Read More

Pipeline PCB Contamination Project 1996 Report

Piper and Marbury was retained by the INGAA Foundation to provide legal background for the development of positions for a filing on December 6, 1994 proposed revisions to the PCB rules. Ms. Toni Allen of Piper & Marbury assisted INGAA with filings made on May 1, 1995 and June 2… Read More

Future Technology Needs of the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry

The manner in which value is created in the natural gas industry is… Read More

Natural Gas Use in Distributed Power Generation Applications

Distributed power… Read More

The Future of the Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Business

The natural gas industry in the United States is undergoing major changes that are… Read More

The Use of Liquefied Natural Gas For Peaking Service

Liquefied natural gas (LNG) is becoming a sigdicant factor in providing… Read More