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Integrating Culture and Leadership: Making Safety Personal

Introduction A company’s culture is often described as “the way we do things around here” or “the unwritten rules.” Culture arises from shared values and beliefs held within the organization, which lead to shared norms of behavior. These behavioral norms are reinforced over time as they lead to successful outcomes… Read More

Guidelines for Practical Implementation of a Construction Quality Management System

Background Early in 2007, pipeline construction activities in the United States increased dramatically, including construction of pipelines under Special Permits to operate at higher stress… Read More

Availability and Limitations of NOx Emission Control Resources for Natural Gas-Fired Reciprocating Engine Prime Movers Used in the Interstate Natural Gas Transmission Industry

Background New and proposed changes in air emission regulations are likely to impact the interstate… Read More

Current Practices for Communicating with Emergency Responders

Background In light of significant events in the natural gas… Read More

North America Midstream Infrastructure through 2035: Capitalizing on Our Energy Abundance

 Background Since the last INGAA Foundation midstream infrastructure study completed in 2011,[1] development of North American unconventional… Read More


 Hydrostatic pressure testing of existing pipelines presents unique safety, operating, environmental and community liaison challenges beyond those encountered in commissioning new pipelines.  In addition, outside the… Read More

Planning Guidelines for Pipeline Construction During Frozen Conditions

The INGAA Foundation has developed recommended guidelines that address winter season construction techniques under frozen conditions. The intent of these recommended guidelines is not to dictate one set of construction techniques for every project, but to provide an array of acceptable and proven techniques from which each Company can develop… Read More

Building Interstate Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines: A Primer

This INGAA Foundation report, completed in January 2013, explains how interstate natural gas pipelines… Read More

Expedited Federal Authorization of Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines: Are Agencies Complying with EPAct?

  Executive Summary   This report presents a study showing that the time to obtain required federal authorizations from agencies other than the Federal… Read More

The Role of Pipeline Age in Pipeline Safety

  Executive Summary This paper demonstrates that the age of a… Read More

Knowledge Management for the Natural Gas Transmission Industry

  Knowledge Management for the Natural Gas… Read More

Natural Gas in a Smart Energy Future

Abstract: This white paper is the result of industry-wide support for the development of a compelling vision of a smart… Read More

Critical Skills Forecast For The Natural Gas Transmission Industry (F-2009-02)

This INGAA Foundation report forecasts the most critical skills for the natural gas… Read More

Validation of Direct Natural Gas Use to Reduce CO2 Emissions

The increased use of natural gas in homes and businesses (“direct use”) is a… Read More

Foundation Studies

The Foundation’s primary activity is to sponsor research aimed at promoting natural gas use… Read More

Fire Prevention and Control in Compressor Buildings

Solomon Associates (Solomon) is pleased to submit the Fire Prevention and Control Survey for the results obtained from a survey designed to gather information on the fire prevention and control practices of Interstate… Read More

Natural Gas Transmission Communications: An Approach & Methodology For Relaying Key Messages Regarding the Interstate Natural Gas Pipeline Industry

This document (referred to hereafter as "the Plan") provides a framework of messages and opportunities that will assist INGAA, INGAA Foundation members and operators in the interstate… Read More

Cross Border Harmonization Phase 1

Canadian natural gas supplies over 15% of United States needs through an interconnected… Read More

Discussion of Effects of Long-term Gas Commodity & Transportation Contracts on the Development of Natural Gas Infrastructure

This paper presents a discussion of contracts for natural gas commodity, transportation and storage… Read More

Statistical Analysis of External Corrosion Anomaly Data of Cased Pipe Segments

   Cased pipe segments are generally believed to be very safe; however, external corrosion compromising the integrity of the cased pipes does exist. The primary types of external corrosion include atmospheric corrosion and corrosion by electrolyte. The external corrosion by electrolyte occurs when cathodic protection (CP) is shielded, for instance,… Read More