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Comments in Response to FERC Notice of Inquiry on Its 1999 Certificate Policy Statement

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (“INGAA”) submits these comments in response to… Read More

Chad Zamarin before the House Subcommittee on Railroads

Good morning. My name is Chad Zamarin, and I am Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategic Development at the Williams Companies. Williams owns and operates… Read More

Comments on Pipeline Safety: Repair Criteria

The American Gas Association (AGA) , American… Read More

Answer to Notice of Inquiry on Accumulated Deferred Income Taxes

INGAA responds to the argument made by commenters that the elimination of a tax allowance for MLPs and potentially other pass-through entities must result in the expeditious return of excess ADIT to customers of such pipelines.  For the reasons stated in INGAA’s comments, ADIT issues relating to MLPs and other… Read More

Mountain Valley Pipeline and Atlantic Coast Pipeline Projects State Water Control Board Request for Technical Information on Specific Wetland and/or Stream Crossings

 Dear Agency Officials: The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (“INGAA”) welcomes this opportunity… Read More

INGAA Comments on EPA�s ICR Regarding the Voluntary Natural Gas STAR Methane Challenge Program

Dear Mr. Pryor, The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (“INGAA”) respectfully submits these… Read More

Joint Petition for Rulemaking on Pressure Relief Device (PRD) Testing Requirements

AGA and INGAA are petitioning PHMSA to amend 49 CFR Part 193.2619 to recognize and enforce the pressure relief device (PRD) testing requirements in NFPA 59A (2001 edition) at (incorporated by reference in 49 CFR Part 193) instead of the current requirements in 49 CFR Part 193.2619 and… Read More

Supplemental Joint Comments on the Safety of Underground Natural Gas Storage Facilities Interim Final Rule

On February 17, 2017, November 20, 2017 and March 2, 2018, the Associations, along with the American Public… Read More

INGAA Comments on ADIT Notice of Inquiry

On December 22, 2017, the President signed the Tax Cut and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) into law, which reduced the federal corporate income tax rate… Read More

INGAA Answer in Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on Rate Changes Relating to the Federal Income Tax Rate

A few commenters request the Commission to clarify that negotiated… Read More

INGAA Reply Comments on Grid Resilience in RTOs/ISOs

INGAA supports the… Read More

INGAA Reply Comments on Grid Resilience

Letter in Support of H.R. 5175

Dear Chairman Walden and Ranking Member Pallone: The American… Read More

Comments on Pipeline Safety: Safety Of Gas Transmission Pipelines

The American Gas Association (AGA), American… Read More

Letter to House Ways & Means Committee Concerning The Effect Of Steel Tariff on U.S. Economy

 The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) requests that this letter be included… Read More

INGAA Comments on Income Tax Rate Notice of Proposed Rulemaking

INGAA appreciates the Commission’s efforts to chart a path forward to address the TCJA’s reduction… Read More

Motion to Intervene and Comments in Support of EEI Accounting Request

INGAA respectfully submits this motion to intervene and associated comments pursuant to the Federal… Read More

Request for Clarification

INGAA requests that the Commission grant rehearing or reconsider its conclusion that INGAA and other… Read More

Letter from the Natural Gas Council to President Donald J. Trump regarding Section 401 of the Clean Water Act

Dear Mr. President:   The United States is now the leading natural gas… Read More

Comments on Policy and Procedural Guidance for Processing Requests to Alter U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Civil Works Projects Pursuant to Section 408

Dear Ms. Conforti, The American Gas Association (“AGA”)… Read More