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Enhancing Stakeholder Involvement: A Dialogue with FERC and the Natural Gas Pipeline Industry

  Introduction In September 1999 the… Read More

Review of Gas-Based Emission Control Technologies for Coal Boilers

During the 1990s, there was a major effort to develop, demonstrate and improve… Read More

E- Procurement Survey Phase 2: Report on Meetings Held with Pipeline Companies and Suppliers Regarding E- Procurement Views

Over the past decade, perhaps no external factor has influenced the… Read More

Standards of Conduct Request for Rehearing and Clarification of INGAA 12-29-03

While INGAA recognizes that the Commission has made efforts to meet certain of the… Read More

HIOS/Petal Gas Storage Reply Brief of Intervenor INGAA in Support of Petitioners 2-15-07

INGAA filed an intervener’s reply brief in the HIOS/Petal litigation in the Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit. INGAA argues that… Read More

HIOS/Petal Gas Storage Initial Brief of INGAA in Support of Petitioners 2-15-07

INGAA argues that FERC departed from precedent in permitting use of lower-risk LDCs in the proxy group for setting Petitioners’ rates, and arbitrarily foreclosed use of… Read More

Natural Gas Pipeline Impact on Land Values

This natural gas… Read More

Pipeline and Storage Infrastructure for a 30 Tcf Market – A 2002 Updated Assessment

In January 1999, the INGAA Foundation published Pipeline and Storage Infrastructure for a 30 Tcf Market. The report was the first in a series of… Read More

Consumer Effects of the Anticipated Integrity Rule of High Consequence Areas

Policymakers been systems, looking particularly at new integrity inspections. One of the key questions being raised in these forums is whether there should be a specific integrity inspection interval for… Read More

Gulf of Mexico Natural Gas Resources and Pipeline Infrastructure 2001

The Gulf of Mexico is one of the nation’s most important natural gas supply… Read More

Proposed Solutions to FERC’s Construction Plan and Procedures Practices

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (INGAA) Foundation commissioned ENSR International (ENSR), an… Read More

Natural Gas Pipeline Making the Connection – Communication Support for the Siting Process

Wirthlin Worldwide’s research conclusions and strategic recommendations comprise what we consider a meaningful paradigm shift in the… Read More

Letter to Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee

May 2, 2007 The Honorable Jeff Bingaman Chairman… Read More

FERC NEPA Pre-Filing Process: Milestones for Success

Over the next 20 years, US natural gas… Read More

Impacts of National Standards to Control Emissions of Hazardous Air Pollutants (HAPs) on Natural Gas Turbines & Compressor Engines

This report provides the results of an evaluation of the units impacted by national regulations to control hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) from… Read More

Carbon Pollutant Emission and Engine Performance Trade-Offs vs NOx Emissions for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines Fitted with Enhanced Mixing Combustion Technologies Utilized in Gas Transmission Service

Pending and/or proposed Federal and local regulations have generated increasing interest in trade-offs between emissions of NOx versus CO, THC’s and in particular HAPS. The… Read More

Avoiding and Resolving Intergovernmental Conflicts with Interstate Natural Gas Facility Siting

The INGAA Foundation Inc. commissioned ENSR International (ENSR), an environmental consulting firm, to undertake a study to identify potential solutions to conflicts that sometimes arise between regional, federal, state, local, and/or tribal governing entities when siting, constructing, and maintaining interstate… Read More

An Updated Assessment of Pipeline and Storage Infrastructure for the North American Gas Market – 2004 Update

The North American natural gas industry is facing a… Read More