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INGAA Foundation names industry veteran Tony Straquadine as new executive director

The INGAA Foundation announced today that industry veteran Tony Straquadine will assume the role of executive director September 17. As executive director, Straquadine will be responsible for managing the Foundation’s technical and economic studies, implementing its strategic plan and overseeing the planning and studies process. He will also lead the… Read More

Natural Gas is an Integral Element of Portland�s Microbreweries

In an effort to #fuelyourwanderlust, we are traveling from the West Coast to the East Coast sharing famous landmarks and lesser-known treasures and showing how… Read More

INGAA & AGA Response to Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to Revise Regulations Concerning the National Environmental Policy Act

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (“INGAA”) and the American… Read More

Analysis of Natural Gas Transmission Pipeline Releases and Mitigation Options for Pipeline MAOP Reconfirmation

The objective of this report is to analyze the high-level impact of natural gas … Read More

Improving Methane Emissions from Natural Gas Transmission and Storage

INGAA Methane Background White Paper – August 2018.pdfDownload… Read More

INGAA board of directors affirms commitment to minimizing methane releases

Members of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America have long worked to minimize… Read More

National 811 Day: A Reminder to Call Before You Dig

811 Day is right around the corner! Tied to its calendar shorthand, National 811 Day highlights the importance of safe digging. Professional excavators, farmers and homeowners should call 811 every time they dig to ensure they have full knowledge of any pipelines or other underground utilities at or near their… Read More

Rainbow of Colors Keeps you Safe

We’ve all seen them – those little flags that stick out of the ground in a rainbow of colors indicating the presence of underground utilities. But did you know that each color signifies a different type of… Read More

INGAA applauds effort to restore cooperative federalism

Don Santa, president and chief executive officer of the Interstate Natural Gas Association of… Read More

INGAA urges PHMSA to update class location change requirements to align with new technologies and pending integrity regulations

The Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration should look to new technologies and pending integrity regulations as it seeks to update its class location… Read More

Natural Gas: Fueling the Medical World

Americans made 990 million visits to a physician in 2015. If you made one of those visits, chances are your doctor used plastic instruments or prescribed you medicine in a plastic bottle. These items are everywhere in the medical world and would be far more difficult and more expensive… Read More

Developing Safety Culture Through Industry-wide Employee Safety Surveys

During the first quarter of 2018, The INGAA Foundation commissioned a report by Process Performance Improvement Consulting (P-PIC) and the Center for Applied Psychological Research (CAPR) through the University of Houston to provide a detailed account of how INGAA member companies developed and executed the INGAA safety culture survey. The… Read More

Comments in Response to FERC Notice of Inquiry on Its 1999 Certificate Policy Statement

The Interstate Natural Gas Association of America (“INGAA”) submits these comments in response to… Read More

More than a Fuel: Pipelines Make It Possible

From fueling our stovetop flames to powering our lights, it's easy to see how… Read More

INGAA pleased to join Global Natural Gas Coalition as a founding member

Over a dozen organizations and companies, including the Interstate Natural Gas Association of America,… Read More

Chad Zamarin before the House Subcommittee on Railroads

Good morning. My name is Chad Zamarin, and I am Senior Vice President of Corporate Strategic Development at the Williams Companies. Williams owns and operates… Read More

How Do Pipeline Companies Keep Pipelines Safe?

Have you thought about how natural… Read More

North America Midstream Infrastructure through 2035: Significant Development Continues

Midstream infrastructure development has occurred at a rapid pace over the past several years, causing many to question if the trend can continue. In response to those questions, the INGAA Foundation retained ICF to undertake a study to… Read More


The United States and Canada will require annual average natural gas, oil and… Read More